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Joey's Feline Friends

Eleven years ago, Ballerina  (Siamese) found her forever home through JFF and was soon joined by the lovely Lila, who was also a rescue kitty. After the passing of their beloved owner, these two girls found themselves in search of a new forever family; one that they can create more memories with. ​​​​Both Ballerina and Lila consider each other as family and ask that they are kept together. As Lila so candidly put it, "don't 'fix' something that's not broken - or in this situation, don't change a good thing that's been awesome; Ballerina and I are very well behaved together and great at keeping each other's company."​

Lila & Ballerina

The girls are seeking a beneficial lifestyle that would continue to contribute to their mental and physical wellness. In addition to being devout deep-thinkers - particularly with their eyes closed, both young ladies are well known (as well as avid participants) in the marathon petting circuit. When she's not critiquing Lila's own unique method of a pas de chat - ballet step, Ballerina enjoys living the good life with an endless supply of boxes. While Miss Lila shows absolutely no mutual interest in having the same cardboard fantasyland, both girls would agree that having an occasional friendly wrestling match with each other is a necessity that they share. Nothing serious, of course.  ​ ​